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CIEL is a biennial conference, world leader in the discipline of Legal Strategy. CIEL brings together international experts from the academic and professional community in the areas of: Law, Administration, Technology, Economics and Business to discuss, share experiences and knowledge regarding the Legal Strategy. The Legal Strategy is a tool that is based on the available legal framework as well as multidisciplinary knowledge to identify, generate and capture legal advantages and design a timely execution that allows the customer's business objectives to be met in the most efficient way.


Professionals and academics in the areas of Law, Administration, Economics, Technology, Finance and Business who are interested in:


Contribute to the development of the Legal Strategy and Legal Intelligence of Companies as fields of research and study, through their own investigations, case studies, hypotheses, contributions, experiences and points of view, or who simply wish to deepen their knowledge within these emerging areas.

Understand how to create value and maximize the success of your business strategy or that of your clients by taking advantage of the opportunities that result from the legal environment;

Deepen knowledge regarding behavioral economic analysis, new technologies applied to financial services (FINTECH), and contractual governance.

Legal Strategy is an emerging field of study and research where the areas of Law, Administration, Economics and Business are combined, which has begun to gain relevance in the international academic sphere.

The issue has already been addressed by an exclusive group of academic exponents who propose diverse and interesting study and conceptualization approaches around this new field. However, most of them agree that the concept should be developed through a multidisciplinary study oriented towards the development of skills that complement professional knowledge.

In their proposals, these academics highlight, on the one hand, the importance of multidisciplinary knowledge and the development of certain skills and aptitudes for legal professionals as a way of improving the ability to serve their clients efficiently; and on the other hand, the relevance that it has for managers who make decisions in companies, to master and actively use the tools and the legal environment in which their businesses are carried out to generate value and obtain better results in their management.

The relationship of Law and Business is particularly highlighted, in a vision where managers see the legal environment as an ally - and not a restriction - to achieve their business objectives and manage their risks, highlighting the role played by the law used in innovative way; while legal professionals use it as an instrument to support managers in the design and implementation of their strategy.

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Panels, Conferences, Research


Panelists, Speakers, 




General objective

The main objective of the Congress is to encourage research and the generation of knowledge in the field of Legal Strategy, as well as to promote critical analysis, innovative thinking and the generation of proposals for new analysis methods and tools.

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Specific objectives

Develop a new vision of professional practice in Business, which transcends from a dimension oriented to the development of knowledge to one of skill development

Promote innovation through the design of new analysis and research structures and methodologies in the areas of Law, Administration, Economics and Business, which contribute to the achievement of business strategies in the most efficient way.

Highlight the value of systematic multidisciplinary study in legal analysis

Highlight the value of the right to achieve the client's strategic objectives

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