Research is the main pillar of IOMG,  and its research program is focused on the Law & Development theme which seeks to illustrate and promote how the law can become a tool for the socio-economic development of nations. 

Research done by IOMG is financed with the institute´s own funds, with national and international competitive funds, and contracted at the request of individuals or institutions interested in particular topics or analysis 

Research Initiatives

Legal Innovation

It has the objective of being at the legal vanguard proposing new practices & legal figures. Likewise it seeks to update obsolete practices regarding topics critical for development. 

Comprehensive Development

It aims to research about relevant topics for the development of the country. The purpose is to publish research that inform the public and generate concrete proposals.

Calls & Events for Research 

It aims to organize Calls & Events that  promote a research and exploration spirit, and an academic debate about relevant local and international topics. 

Resumen Ejecutivo: Propuesta regulatoria para el esquema de aportes voluntarios en el sistema previsional dominicano

Marzo, 2021

Tragedia de las Pensiones: ¿Se debe permitir el uso de los fondos de pensiones como antídoto para la pandemia COVID-19?

Mayo, 2020

Trabas Burocráticas y otras barreras al emprendimiento en República Dominicana

Diciembre, 2019

República Dominicana: "Un Mercado de Valores sin Acciones Negociables"

Julio, 2020

Garantías Mobiliarias como parte de la vacuna económica contra COVID-19.

Abril 4, 2020

Reforma al régimen jurídico de las Garantías Mobiliarias en la República Dominicana

Febrero, 2019