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Since 2013,  IOMG has an internship program for college students. The goal of the program is to assist in the education and development of young researchers. Interns work as research assistants and help in the Research Program projects. 


“I participated in the internship program as a law student working in a research project about the Political Parties Act (Ley de Partidos). Since my first days as an intern, IOMG made me feel at home. I was able to use the knowledge acquired in my alma mater,  and also grow in the Research Program, and that by combining both, resulted in the first publication of the Political Parties Act Report: Financing, Gender and Candidate Selection of Instituto OMG published on september 22nd of 2014 on their website. 

All throughout the program I was able to appreciate the importance of the innovation & analysis fostered by the think-tank. It was an incredible opportunity to share with highly competent professionals with different points of view, an to acquire knowledge in such a short time period while establishing new professional-academic relationships. 

From my experience, the IOMG internship program is very beneficial for any person that will like to go over dominican laws, and broaden their point of view. It is a great opportunity to grow in research, which is scarse and poor in the Dominican Republic.”

Paola Reynoso

“During Instituto OMGs internship program I was able to acquire theoretical knowledge about different controversial current topics, for example: the stock market in Dominican Republic, the Political Parties Act, the regulation of trusts in Dominican Republic, amongst many others. 

"Likewise, through research and critical analysis I was able to know how they are practiced in our country as well as internationally. I was able to understand the importance of transparency for a country and how important it is to motivate others to get an education and have an understanding of the regulations and practices of where they live, because that is the only way to contribute in the development and economic and social well-being. If there is a lack of knowledge, people don´t know what their rights are or if those are being violated. For such reason, my experience at IOMG was really educating, and thanks to it I was able to untangle my intellect optimally in a relative short time span.”

Carmen P. De Pena

“Participating in IOMGs internship program has been a very fruitful experience. It has helped me grow academically as well as at a personal level. It has also notoriously extended my research abilities in a short amount of time. I have been able to participate in the development of relevant projects, with an evident optimal result, thanks to the diversity of ideas and capabilities that the entire IOMG team has. It is a recommended experience for anyone that wishes to in Research Programs about legal and economic matters.”

Luis E. Arcala

“The internship was very enriching because it allowed me to put into practice the knowledge I had acquired through my years of study. It also resulted in value added for me because even though I´m an economics student, I was able to diversify my knowledge by studying different national and international laws. 

Finally I want to highlight the opportunity I had of working with highly qualified individuals which made it more demanding for me, but helped me grow as a professional. Thank you IOMG for giving me this opportunity.”

Hector Luis Antigua

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