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We host a diverse and active intellectual community that, year after year, calls for leading researchers and professionals of different disciplines to take part in the workshops, conferences, seminars and interdisciplinary certificate courses that enrich the intellectual experience of our professionals. Currently we offer two management courses that use the case study methodology in their programs, to help those enrolled develop their capabilities to the fullest.

Comprehensive Education Management

The Comprehensive Education Management program develops innovative training for professionals and students of all areas, taking advantage of the focus placed on the research and analysis of topics of interest in socio-legal and socio-economic that are not customary in their daily professional life, thus adding value to their professional careers. 

Executive Education Management 

The Executive Education Management Program has the primary objective of creating innovative short trainings and programs for executives about priority topics in the national agenda or complementary for the practice of their professions. In accordance with its mission, the Executive Education Management Program offers trainings with high impact in national and international economy, as well as in the legal and business fields.

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