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Transformation Scholarship Fund

We firmly believe that the legal system can

TRANSFORM society by generating economic prosperity and well-being; and in which the lawyer is the key to achieving this.

Our Objective

Financing students with academic merit so that they can pursue the Law Degree at Instituto OMG and achieve their educational and professional goals and, therefore, be transformers of society. The project seeks to reduce economic barriers to education and promote equal opportunities in access to education.


What is the
Transformation Scholarship

It consists of establishing a scholarship fund that provides financial assistance to deserving students who demonstrate academic excellence and potential for professional success.


The fund will be administered by a committee that will evaluate applications and select student beneficiaries. Selection criteria will include academic and professional performance, the student's financial situation and any other relevant considerations. This committee will ensure their optimal administration.

Benefits for students


Equality in access to transformative higher education


Financial Aid



Work internship opportunities in the public and/or private sector


Improves long-term employability


Plenitude and well-being

How to contribute?

Any natural or legal person who wants to impact the lives of students eager to forge a better future. We will receive donations by transfer or via PayPal.

For transfer in pesos (DOP), deposit in the account 797674215

(Banco Popular Checking Account)

For transfer in dollars (USD), deposit in the account 822460473

(Banco Popular Savings Account)

For PayPal click on the image


For more information write to or call 809.381.0505

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