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TheC.RIGHTC.,In its first edition, it seeks to promote the versatility of the legal profession, by recognizing the positive impact that its best exponents have had in their respective industries.

The congress will include panels, exhibitions and a keynote address related to law and its relationship with various industries such as: technology, sports, entertainment, energy, business, public administration, alternative dispute resolution, among others.

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29 - 30NOVEMBER2022
Intercontinental Hotel
Santo Domingo

Master Conference

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How legal training has been a differentiating factor for public officials today, through the development of skills and competencies that have allowed them to stand out in their functions


How prominent professionals from the country's legal industry have achieved their notoriety, as well as the constant exercise of reinvention that they have had to assume with the evolution of the markets, both from their individual perspective and from the perspective of the process of creation and consolidation of the firm


The academy as a vital updating tool for the avant-garde lawyer and the positive impact on society of the new areas of legal specialization

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How technology has revolutionized the world of law and forced its professionals to automate processes that add value and improve the experience of theirstakeholders

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Demonstration of how the legal instruments and the lawyer's experience in negotiation contribute to the progressive expansion of the world of Dominican entertainment nationally and internationally


The evolution of sports law in the Dominican Republic and the analysis of the lawyer's intervention in the sports industry, from the perspective of a country that every day exports more athletes and produces more high-performance athletes

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How legal professionals have revolutionized the energy sector through a disruptive vision of the exercise as generators of transversal practices applicable to the sector

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How arbitration has become an effective method of alternative dispute resolution, through the strategic choice of local and foreign arbitration forums that provide a greater degree of legal certainty, less litigation time, and a result with fewer possibilities of being reviewed or revoked

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Focused on demonstrating the comprehensive differentiating vision that the legal professional provides as a business creator for the development of the business structure

Call for Papers

- ICTs in organizations, companies and public administrations.

- The influence ofcomplianceand good governance in Public Administration.


- The challenges of arbitration in the Dominican Republic

Closing of call:22 November 2022 11:59 pm GMT-4

Announcement of winning work: November 25, 2022


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