IOMG periodically publishes its research conclusions in different formats and distribution media. Research Contest results are also published, as well as documents of interest written or issued by colleagues or related entities. These publications are of free access, with the purpose of adding knowledge and academic analysis in topics we consider of interest.  


Opinions, ideas & concepts expressed in IOMG publications do not necessarily reflect the opinions, ideas & concepts of the members of its different bodies and teams, teachers, sponsors and related entities or allies, but are always supported and are the result of a vigorous research process. 


Law & Development Magazine

1st Edition

Law & Development Magazine

2nd Edition

Law & Development Magazine

3rd Edition

Law & Development Magazine

4th Edition

Interdisciplinary College Research, 1st Edition

Other Publications

Movable property collateral law reform in the Dominican Republic

Legal and Institutional Framework linked to entrepreneurship in the Dominican Republic

Eliminating access barriers to credit for entrepreneurs

Tour across the Entrepreneurship concept

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General Panorama of the

Work Code Reform

Law of Political Parties: Financing, Gender and Candidate Selection

Dominican-Haitian Border Development: Current State & Future Perspective

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